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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    We love animal fails and we've gotten so many over the last year that we decided to dedicate a whole compilation to them.

    Here they are, the goofiest and funniest animal fails submitted this year.

    Tune in on Friday for best Fails of the Year part 2.

    Hope you're having a great holiday, let us know your thoughts down below and as always, Salute!

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    Original Links:
    Four Pug Conga Line
    Cat Bites His Own Tail
    Duck Flies into Guy's Face while Holding Another Duck
    Dog Snags Quadcopter off Table
    Kitten Falls off Nightstand After Discovering Light Switch
    Chihuahua Struggles to Grab Treats
    Cats are Not Trash
    Kid Falls in Water After Being Scared by Geese
    Pet Ferret Chases Plastic Cup into the Corner
    Cat Confused with Object on Head
    Great Dane vs.

    Cat Gets Frightened by Cucumber
    Golden Retriever Hates Brooms
    Pelican Knocks GoPro Out of Man's Hands
    Confused Dog Tries to Eat Windshield Wipers
    Animal Steals Guy's Sandwich
    Owner Finds Dog Standing and Stuck Between Sofa Cushions
    Kitten Jump Fail
    Puppy Knocks over Unsuspecting Toddler
    Golden Retriever Misses Ball That's Rolled to Him
    Giant Peruvian Rodent Tries Humping Tourist's Hand
    Cat Taunts and Attacks Sibling Cat
    Geese Attack
    Cat Refuses to go Outside
    Dog Falls into Lake
    Dolphin Slams into Paddle Boarder
    Boxer Dog Freaks Out at Feather
    Lazy Corgi Paws at Tennis Ball Just Beyond Reach
    Cat Confused with Object on Head
    Dog Tries to Fit Bone through Doggy Door
    Skateboarder Falls off Board Getting Pulled by Dog
    Dog Conquers Fear of Stepping onto Carpet
    Otter Tries to Get out of Chair
    Corgi Can't Jump over Gate
    Cat Doesn't Want to be Pet by Little Girl

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