Best Fails of the Week 1 April 2016 || "You Knew That Was Going To Happen!" FailArmy

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Are you ok, hunny? Does she look OK to you mom? Thank you to everyone who has been submitting videos over the last month.

    We're catching up on some older stuff but hopefully you'll enjoy the clips either way.

    Remember you can submit videos at and let us know you what you think down below! Salute!

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    Original Links:
    Man Falls Trying to Stand Up on Highline
    Cat Pushes Water Bowl
    Skier Crashes into Rack
    Girl Hurts Butt on Rock while Crossing Stream
    Guy Flies over Handlebars Without a Helmet
    Snowmobiler Goes Flipping Over Handlebars
    Girl has a rough start on the track
    Kid Can't Change Lightbulb on High Ceiling
    Skier Faceplants Off Jump
    Duck Causes Havoc
    Downhill Slip N Slide Fail
    Man in Underwear Charges into Door
    Skier Takes Out Cameraman with Flip
    Skateboarder Crashes and Goes Rolling Down Hill
    Tic Tacs Fall Out of Girl's Mouth Doing Lip Smack Noise
    Guy Jumps off Pommel Horse and Hits Head on Floor
    Glass Door Shatters into Pieces
    Guy Falls off Tree and Into Water
    Timid Girl Falls off Swegway
    Motorcycle Crashes Head On into Guardrail
    Dad Breaks Bike after Jumping off Ramp
    Little Girl on Bicycle Crashes into Mailbox
    Pickle Ball Nut Shot
    Soccer Player Takes a Tumble
    BMX Girl Crashes Off Homemade Jump
    Sailor Falls Overboard
    Bridesmaid Stumbles and Falls at Wedding
    Teenager Freaks Out On First Roller Coaster Ride
    Woman Uses Basket Stand while Shopping
    Longboarders Collide during Race
    Speeding Car Crashes into Pole
    Fireworks inside Fireplace Fail
    Chris Falls off Ladder
    Friends Accidentally Headbutt Each Other
    Grandma Confused by Selfie

  • bestfailsweek1april2016||"youknewthatwasgoingtohappen!"failarmy