Funniest Epic Wave and Surfing Fails || "Surfs Up" By FailArmy

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Damn nature, you scary! Especially when we decide to build boards and boats and attack you head on.

    Here are some of the funniest surfing and wave fails submitted by you guys.

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    Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and salute!

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    Original Links:
    Surfer Avoids Near Collision with Runaway Boarder
    Overweight Man Tries to Get Boogie Board Moving
    Surfer Gets Thrown into Air by Crashing Wave
    Surfing High Five Wipeout
    Girl Gets Eaten up by FlowRider Wave
    Surfboard Hits Man on Head
    Windsurfer Breaks Board in Half
    Old Man Falls Surfing Down Slip n' Slide
    Boy Gets Nailed by Another Surfer
    Boat Crashes Against Waves
    Guy Accidentally Hits Friend with Surfboard
    Tandem Surfing Fail
    Man Falls on the FlowRider
    Kite Surfing Wipeout
    Guy Falls Hard during Pond Skim
    Surfer Launches Board off Wave
    Boat Crash during Paddle Race
    Surfer Supermans into Water
    Kid Slips off Board and Faceplants on FlowRider
    Surfer Fails to Ride Board
    Little Boy Falls off Boogie Board in Sand
    Kitesurfer Pulled Overboard
    Couch Surfing Fail
    Surfboard Hits Surfer in Face
    Sailor Falls Backward into Water
    Girl Slams Face into Surfboard
    Surfer Nearly Decapitated by Rogue Surfboard
    Girl Falls off Surfboard on FlowRider
    Kitesurfer Yanked out of Water
    Pool Raft Surfing Fail
    Body Boarder Dislocates His Shoulder under Wave
    Fish Jump and Attack Surfer
    Wave Capsizes Surfboat and Sends Rowers Flying Overboard
    Surfboard Cam Catches Surfer Collision
    Waving Surfer Faceplants on Rock
    Kitesurfing Loses Board and Falls
    Guy Faceplants on FlowRider
    Surfer Shoves other Surfer off Board
    Surfer Gets Taken Out by Surfboard
    Skim Board Cruise High Five Fail

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