Best Fails of the Week 1 May 2016 || "That Squirrel Just Attacked Me! by FailArmy

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    How the hell is it May already? Anyway, here are the best fails of the week submitted by you and compiled by us.

    Let us know your thoughts down below, submit a video at and Salute!

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    Original Links:
    Sister Scares Little Brother to Tears
    Man Tries to Flip in the Subway
    Kid Bucked off Mechanical Bull
    Little Kid in Cart Gets Surprised from Behind
    Girl Spins out of Control Flowrider
    Guy Slams into Floor Wearing Jumping Stilts
    Easter Egg Fail
    Guy Tries to Front Flip off Bar
    Old Guy Falls off Unicycle
    Little Girl Hits Mom with Ball
    Friends Backflip Gone Wrong
    Baby Tumbles Down Slide
    Flaming Tower of Glass Falls
    Girl Slips Trying to do High Kick
    BMXer Slams into Hill
    Confident Woman Falls Over on Swegway
    Guy Injures Nuts on Balance Board
    Squirrel Attacks Girl
    Guy Suplexes Friend's Face into Pool Deck
    Mountain Biker Crashes into Dirt
    Impatient Dog Honks for Owner
    Kid in Wagon Falls into Muddy Ditch
    Inline Skating Grind Fail
    Skiing Woman Faceplants Snow
    Wedding Reception Handstand Fail
    Wedding Reception Handstand Fail
    Guy Falls off Pull up Bar
    Biker Falls Over Handlebars on Dirt Jump
    Guy Can't Climb Hill on ATV
    Handyman Fails to Fit Door Correctly
    Basketball Hoop Falls on Kid's Head
    Easter Egg Fail
    Man Falls Over Getting onto Hammock
    Cheerleader Falls Through Sunroof
    Four Wheeler Falls on Driver
    Drone Smacks Controller's Face
    Kid Faceplants Van while Playing Street Hockey
    Mountain Biker Gets Wind Knocked out of Him
    Kid Drives Tractor into Swimming Pool
    Stroller Rolls over Baby
    Boy Dunks on Sister's Head
    Skateboarders Ride on Slick Road
    Guy Loses Bike at Top of Hill and Rolls Down
    Jeep Gets Stuck in Bog
    Mom on Skateboard Eats Pavement

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