Best Fails of the Week 3 May 2014

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

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    GoPro Crash
    BMX vs Scooter
    Hairy Man Gets Waxed
    Crash in Rain Zandvoort
    Birthday Cake Fail
    Hall of Meat Jake Paul
    Monkey Boat Vault
    Canadian Armless Pushup
    Doubl Backflip Head Slam
    Crazy Handrail Slam
    Epic Tree Cutting Fail
    Little Girl Falls on Big Wheel
    Backwards Wheelie Fail
    Skimboard Slip n Slide Fail
    Mai Faceplant
    Small Child Gets Raild
    Biggest Bail
    Paddleboard Wipeout
    Kid Crashes Dirt Bike
    Lamborghini Crashes Into Car
    Drunk Girl Falls in Club
    Bike Falls in Water
    Top Golf Fail
    YoYo Trick Fail
    Moto Rider Crashes Into Car
    Dirt Biker hugs Tree
    Skitching Fail
    Garden Water Fail
    Best Trick Pump Crash
    RC Car Hits Camera Girl
    Model on BMX bike Fails
    This is Power Yoga

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