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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Are you ready for the best fails of the week? Get ready for some hilarious faceplants, bmx fails, and many more funny videos to start your Friday!
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    Original Links:
    Wakeboard Faceplant:
    Tailwhip Faceplant:
    Dog Jump:
    Moto Accident:
    Highbar Fail:
    Wood Pallet Faceplant:
    Theme Park Faceplant:
    Bad Friend:
    Car Crash:
    Engine Comes Off:
    Rail Slide Mishap:
    Backflip Faceplant:
    Parkour Couch:
    Drone Crash:
    Playground Fail:
    BMX to Wall:
    Karting Wheel:
    BMX Win to Fail:
    Longboard Rocks Faceplant:
    Mechanical Bull:
    AK47 Shooting:
    Rubberband Fail:
    Dog Scares Sheep:
    Tricking Fail:
    Girl Bowling:
    Little Boy Faceplant:
    ATV Crash:
    Mustang Loses Roof:
    BMX Double Backflip:
    Ninja Warrior:
    Wedding Toss:
    BMX Toothpick:
    Barrier Crash:
    Beach Faceplant:
    Bowling Fail:
    Beach Tire Faceplant:

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