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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Start your November with this week's best fails of the week!
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    Individual Clip Links:
    Kung Fu Fail:
    Double Backflip:
    Kid Falls:
    Parkour Jump:
    Water Gap:
    Bike Rental Fail:
    Jetski Fail:
    Bike Fail:
    Parkour Flip:
    BMX Fails:
    Ice Sledding:
    Playground Fall:
    Unicycle Fails:
    Front Flip:
    Bike Fail:
    Dirtbike Fail:
    Dance Choreography:
    Bike Crash:
    MTB Crash:
    Parkour Window:
    Swimming Pool:
    Bridge Fail:
    Bench Crash:
    Firworks Fail:
    Cat Fail:
    Ass Grab:
    Paragliding Crash:
    make your own sparkiling wine
    Snowmobile Crash:
    180 Camera Hit:
    Longboard Accident:
    Swooping Fail:
    Dollhouse Faceplant:
    Workout Fail:
    Parkour Fail:
    Segway Crash:
    Security Camera:
    Swing Set Fail:
    Stage Fall:
    POV MTB:
    Motocross Fail:
    MTB Front Faceplant:
    Crash Near Miss:
    Bird Attack:

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