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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Another epic week of fails.

    Shout out to everone who has submitted.

    Check out all of the best fails of the week in this epic fails compilation! Let us know your thoughts down below and as always, Salute!!

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    Original Links:
    Scooterer Saves Himself from Falling then Smashes into Camera
    Dog Dressed as Shark Attacks Owner in Pool
    Golfer's Ball Ricochets off Tree and Hits Him in Nuts
    Skateboarder Saves Fail by Flirting with Female Spectators
    Friends Wipe Out Taking Skiing Selfie
    First-Time Longboarder Immediately Falls on Back
    Guy Gets Revenge on Buddy with Paint Prank
    Cat Falls into Tub and Scurries to Get Out
    Girl Planks on Pillows and Gets Stuck
    Teenager Whacks Head on Car Trunk during Backflip
    Fish Jumps out of Water and Hits Camera
    RC Plane Propeller Start Fail
    Pomeranian Puppy Has Epic Sneeze
    Girl Vomits While Doing Yoga with Friend
    Kid Launches off Swing and Falls on Butt
    Rollerblader Falls Trying to Weave through Cups
    Parkour Kid Hits Pole Hard after Jumping Dock Gap
    Two Unicyclers Fail Stair Jump in Succession
    Guy Tries to Chase Moonshine with Raw Egg for Breakfast
    Traffic Cone Gets Stuck under Car Bumper
    Girl Falls Off Horse after Hitting Tree Branch
    Daughter Gets Attacked by Dogs after Scaring Mom
    Bridge Backflip Ends in Flop
    Drunk Guy Hurts Himself in Triple Whammy
    Little Kid Falls for FailArmy
    Boy Faceplants off Skateboard onto Grass
    Man Tries to Fit through Tiny Resistance Band
    Handstand Using Crutches Goes Terribly Wrong
    Compilation of Skateboarders Falling Over
    Girl Records Herself After Wisdom Teeth Extraction
    Guy Falls into Pool Trying to Walk Across It
    Tourist's Trust Fall in Czech Nightclub Ends Poorly
    Sister Films Brother Biking Without Pedal then Falls Herself
    Guy Dances Hard to Marching Band Music
    3-Year-Old Tries to Break Board in Taekwondo
    Dog Defies Authority at the Beach
    Man Falls Trying to Walk Down Muddy Hill

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