RUNAWAY FAILS! | Funniest Getting Away From You Fails Compilation by FailArmy

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    BABY COME BACK!!!! Here are a bunch of our favorite "Getting Away From You Fails".

    Wheels, ATV's, Skis and more, sometimes our toys can't stand us.

    Let us know your thoughts down below and Salute!

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    Original Links:
    Motorcycle Seat-stand Fail
    Golfer Throws Club Instead of Hitting Ball
    Skateboarder Chases after Board in Water
    Dirt Bike Flies into Other Rider
    Ghost Jetski Rides into Forest
    Skiing Double Backflip Immediately Loses Skis
    Monster Truck Wheel Falls Off
    Phone Flies out of Pocket on Rollercoaster
    Phone Falls Off Selfie Stick in Car
    Runaway Motorcycle Super Fail
    ATV Runs Away from Rider during Wheelie
    ATV Rider Tries to Ride up Steep Hill
    Wheel Falls Off Longboard at 70km/h
    Tandem Dirt Bike Wheelie Ends in Double Fail
    Motorcyclist Falls and Bike Continues on and Hits Wall
    Girl Gets Thrown from Horse
    Runaway Golf Cart
    Guy Stops Runaway Van
    Unicycle Rider Loses Ride down Huge Hill
    Man Chases after Rogue Snowmobile
    Guy Backflips Off Snow Swing Shoe Flys Off
    Snowboarder Loses Board on Downhill Slope
    Guy Run Over by Zorb
    Snowmobile Snaps Track Mid-Ride
    Fish Slips out of Man's Hand
    Skateboarder Loses Board into Water
    Car Caught In Flood Gets Washed Away
    Motorcycle Runs Away from Failed Wheelie Stunt
    Female Motorcycle Rider Crashes into Wall
    Car Drives off Tow Truck
    Entire Box of Pizza Falls out of Guy's Hands
    Dirt Bike Runs Away from Rider
    Bike Crashes Off Cliff Without Rider
    Egged Car Glides onto Frozen Lake
    Demolition Derby Car Loses Wheel
    Wheel Flies off SUV
    One Handed Gun Shoots Out of Hand
    ATV Wheelies on a Farm by Itself
    Dropped Barbell Rolls into and Shatters Window
    One win, One bike-save, and Two Fails at Moto Event

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